Avoid a Housing Headache Campaign

January 2011: Introducing the 'Avoid a Housing Headache' campaign

Download our 24-point 'Avoid a Housing Headache' checklist here

In an attempt to drive our passion for estate completions we have launched the 'Avoid a Housing Headache' campaign aimed at educating homeowners on what to look out for when buying a house in a new development. This campaign has been initiated by GDC (Irl) Ltd. in response to the numbers of ghost estates, incomplete estates and completed estates with no Estate Management procedures in place. We want to educate homeowners on what they should expect when buying a home.

We have created a 24-point checklist which we believe should become part of the national psyche and invite the public to use our 24-point checklist when searching for a new home, especially everyone involved in the buying and selling process.

We want you to join our campaign to ensure buyer commitment is delivered, developments are completed and estates are managed for the families who live there. Follow the 'Avoid a Housing Headache' campaign on Facebook.